33er Taxi AG was founded on 1 April 1977. The founders were taxi drivers in Basel who no longer agreed with the structures and policies of the existing taxi firms in Basel. A young and dynamic firm, 33er Taxi AG’s modern management methods, clear concept and confidence to use new and unconventional approaches won it from the outset growing success and popularity among customers.

Always striving to give its customers the best and most favourably priced service, the firm places great value on training its drivers. 33er Taxi AG was the first taxi firm in Basel to introduce, on a voluntary basis initially, extra internal training and testing for its drivers. Such testing for all taxi drivers was only made mandatory when the Basel government passed the taxi law in 1997. To maintain an excellent quality of service, 33er Taxi AG has more rigorous internal testing.

In the interests of its customers, in the past 33er Taxi AG has tried to obtain special traffic facilitation measures for taxis like those in other cities. In the late 1980s, together with the trade unions it launched a petition which, after long political debate, eventually led to some success and the introduction of some traffic facilitation measures. 33er Taxi AG was largely responsible for the most recent measures in the year 2000. Working with the taxi industry and the association (ASTAG), it developed a list of demands, that combined careful analyses of the problems and concrete suggestions for solutions from the perspective of taxi drivers. This list of demands was submitted to the authorities and media in July 2000. As a result, various traffic facilitation measures for taxis were introduced in 2001.

In 1993, 33er Taxi AG founded its sister company mini 2000 AG (now: mini-cab AG), which soon became one of Basel’s leading minicab firms.

In 2003, the most modern radio data system in Switzerland with satellite positioning went into operation.

In 2011, 33er Taxi AG introduced its own electronic payment method (magnet payment cards for journeys against invoice).

In 2012 it introduced the taxi app, that enables you to book taxis in real time and fully automatically.

In December 2014, automatic call answering was introduced so that taxis can be booked fully automatically by telephone.

33er Taxi AG is now the biggest taxi firm in north west Switzerland.